Affiliated Companies

Intrade Consultants is part of SEPCE Group, a private group of affiliated companies established on both sides of the U.S./Mexico border. Our excellent customer service, technology and more that 130 employees working on both sides of the border implement advanced, cost-effective supply chain management solutions.

You are not alone in the changing world of customs regulations and logistics. We are at your service with a firm commitment to provide reliable and expedited services that will give your business a competitive advantage.

“SEPCE GROUP”  Excellence Without Borders™

SEPCESEPCE Agentes Aduanales - Mexican Customs Brokers
SEPCE Customs Brokers was formed by international trade specialists with offices in Ciudad Juárez, San Jerónimo and Chihuahua. SEPCE has strategic allies at all important borders, airports and ports in Mexico to provide a nationwide service. SEPCE provides import/export, logistics and consulting services, specializing in the maquiladora, paper and mining industries.

InTrade ConsultantsIntrade Consultants - U.S Customs Brokers
Intrade Consultants has offices in El Paso, TX and Santa Teresa, NM. We offer timely customs clearance of merchandise, customs regulation consulting, warehousing, freight forwarding, 3PL and cross-border logistic services. Our commitment to our customers is vital to understanding their needs and facilitating their supply chain.

Transportes CruzadosTransportes Cruzados - Transportation
Transportes Cruzados is a SEPCE Group transportation company which provides cross-border transportation and transportation of merchandise within the interior of Mexico. Our clients can always count on Cruzados' dedicated fleet of vehicles to provide reliable and prompt transportation services across the border and into the interior of Mexico.